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Ahhhh, the bachelorette party. The rite of passage for every bride and a great excuse to let your hair down! Whether you’re the bride-to-be and you’re trying to organize your own party or the chief bridesmaid who has been handed the responsibility, there are a few things you need to have on your ‘must have/do’ list.


Bride Tribe

Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv - These girls are fully ready for their girls' night!


Whether planning a girls' trip or just one evening out, the main party itself has to be memorable and for all the right reasons!

Rule #1: You must not run out of alcohol!
Rule #2: Everyone must have fun!
Rule #3: There must be sore heads the following morning!
Rule #4: Forget Rule #1 and #3 if you're looking for more of a spa and relaxing style of bachelorette party.

Aren’t bachelorettes great?!

Of course, everyone’s idea of fun is different, so whilst one bride might love a full on, neon-lit party to end all parties, another bride might prefer a sit down meal with cocktails and a chat with friends about old times. It’s important to cater the bachelorette party for the bride as she is the most important person in all of this!

So, what are the must have items for throwing the perfect bachelorette party, however long it goes on for?

Feeding Your Friends

Photo by Kelsey Chance of ladies gathering over food and wine.


Remember, everyone needs to eat!  Especially if you're looking to have a long and wild night, you need to prepare.


Dinner/Brunch at a Restaurant

Always ask the bride where she wants to go, or at least get a sense for what type of food and style of place she would like. If she has a favorite place, make it happen! Make sure to communicate clearly to everyone about the reservation commitment, approximate cost (let them know if they will also be covering the bride-to-be's dinner) and the time and meetup arrangements.


Dinner/Brunch at a Venue

If you’re throwing a party at a house or some other type of venue, you need to decide how you’re going to serve the food. Are you going to order in and enjoy a buffet-style meal? Are you going to cater? Are you going to cook together with other guests? Of course, if you're staying at this venue all night, it goes without saying that there needs to be snacks throughout the night, too! Since the alcohol will be flowing,  people will get the munchies!


Regardless of how you plan to offer food, you need to do these key things in advance to ensure a smooth event.

  • Find out the bride-to-be's favorite food.
  • Ask all guests if there are any food allergies to be aware of.
  • Research and plan the dishes (either that you will order or need to get recipes for)
  • Know your time schedule for eating.
  • If you're ordering food, speak with the restaurant/caterer in advance to determine quantities needed and arrange a delivery time.
  • If you're ordering food, collect money from everyone in advance (so you don't have to chase them later).
  • If cooking for the party, recruit people well before and get their commitment, Assign dishes they are responsible for.
  • If you're cooking, order or buy groceries a few days in advance to ensure you have the right items and quantity that you need.
  • Whether you'r ordering or cooking, try the dishes in advance! This will ensure that they taste good, you know how to make the correctly and you know how much time they will take to make. 

Themed Decorations 

Whether you're hosting the party at a venue or just bouncing around town, you need to have party decorations. There are lots of things you can do for decor to make the night feel more festive. Here are a few suggestions.

Lighting decor ideas. 
Table decor ideas.


All of these ideas are cheap and easy to put together. The vibe needs to be fun, but most importantly, what the bride-to- be will love!

Pro Tip: Avoid glitter or confetti. Not only is it a nightmare to clean off of things (or yourself), but it is also terrible for the environment.


Drinks, Drinks, and More Drinks!

Okay, so not every bachelorette party is about drinking but most are. For this reason, we need to consider the amount of drinks you need to provide and what you’re gong to drink it out of. How about these LED shot glasses or light-up champagne glasses for something a little cheeky? Or even this LED ice bucket? These are ways of adding extra pizzazz to an evening that is meant to be memorable and glittering! How fun would they be at a party or part of a bachelorette bar crawl?


Of course, find the appropriate drinks and make sure there is enough of them. Champagne or sparkling wine is a must. There is this fabulous and celebratory blue champagne, Blanc de Bleu, that is all the rage! Or what about pink gin? Make sure you have enough mixers for everyone, as well as non-alcoholic drinks like water and soda for people that don't drink or want to take it easy.


Fun Bachelorette Accessories

Bachelorette party gifts for the guests are always a hit. It is also important to say thank you to the ladies that helped contribute (financially, time, effort, etc.) to the fun event. 


There is no bachelorette party on the planet that is complete without a sash and tiara for the bride-to-be and and sashes for her bridal party. Make sure that you check this box off by ordering ahead of time. If you're not into sashes, here are some other fun accessory ideas to get the bachelorette party guests.

Ideas for bachelorette party accessories and party favors


How about some party shoes? Whether you want some sparkly heels or some shimmering flats, you will tear up the dance floor with some fun party shoes!


Photography is Key

If you can’t afford a private photo booth for the bachelorette party, why not set up a hashtag and get it trending on Instagram and Twitter? It's fun and free! Make sure everyone takes as many photos as possible and get everyone to use the same hashtag. It will make the photos easy to find on social media later. And what a great way to show off your memorable night?


Pro tip: It might be a good idea to have a few universal phone chargers hanging around, just in case anyone’s phone starts flashing red.

Games, Activities, and General Merriment

The centerpiece of any bachelorette party is the fun you have, and this can include games, dares and other activities. Remember to make sure that you pick things that the bride is going to actually enjoy and nothing that is going to embarrass her too much.You must know your bride!


Some of the classic bachelorette party games include:

  • Truth or Dare?
  • Never have I ever...
  • Groom Quiz (have him answer questions in advance and see if the bride can guess)
  • How well do you know the bachelorette? (Have the bride answer questions in advance, and have the guests guess.)
  • A Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt
  • 2 Truths and a Lie
  • Toilet Paper Dress game (done in teams - who can make the best dress)
  • Guess the favorite or most embarrassing memory (guests write these and the bride reads and shares


You can also organize a fun type of activity like pole dancing or salsa dancing classes. And if you are concerned with pleasing everyone, a spa or pool day is always a great choice.


Seal it With a Gift

A gift for the bride is not a necessity, but it is still a really nice touch.  A good luck gift for the bride that she can use for her wedding, honeymoon or whatever else you choose is a great way to show your love for the bride-to-be. What you buy depends on budget and what she likes, but it doesn’t even have to be something huge (just something memorable). Here are some nice ideas for a bridal gift:

Bride gift ideas

 Ideas for gifts for the bride.


If you don't know what to get, money and gift cards are always useful. However, I recommend getting her an actual item she will have fun unwrapping. You can choose to have each member offer a gift, or you can pool funds together as a gift from everyone.


Pro Tip: For a group gift, ask everyone to pitch in ahead of time so you know what you budget will be.


Whatever your plans, don't fret too much. This event is meant for the bride to have a good time with her closest friend and to make some memories. I'm sure you're going to do a fantastic job!

Ladies Night

Photo by Simon Maage - These ladies are just happy to be together. <3


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