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Getting your wedding colors just right is vital for the most attractive and memorable blue wedding decor, style, photos...everything!


‘Something borrowed, something blue’ isn’t just a wedding saying, it’s a wedding color of choice for many people. Blue has a spectrum of many shades, and aside from anything else, it is a color of calmness and tranquility - two things which the big day needs!


One of the key factors in helping choose your wedding colors is the season you will be getting married in. Luckily, blue works well for every season. You just need to adjust the shades to fit the mood and atmosphere that you want to create.



Colors for a Spring Wedding


Traditionally, Spring is a time of rebirth, when flowers are blooming, colors are returning to nature and animals are back after their Winter hibernation. This is a very natural time of year, and as such, your wedding theme should reflect that.

Light and soft colors are key for Spring, and it just so happens that blue is a very popular choice for the wedding color scheme. The shades of blue you will want to consider include those such as pastel blue, dusty blue, baby blue and many other types of light blue colors incorporated into your attire, decor, flowers and all other little details for your big day. 


Some great color combinations include mixing a dusty, tiffany or pastel blue with other soft colors. See the combinations below for ideas:

  • Dusty blue and peach
  • Dusty blue and light gray or gold
  • Dusty blue or light blue and natural green
  • Pastel blue and pastel yellow
  • Tiffany blue and gray or coral
  • Teal and pink
  • Light blue and dusty rose
  • Lilac, plum and dusty blue
  • Any light shade of blue and blush pink


dusty blue blush pink wedding color scheme theme

Dusty blue and blush pink or peach.


dusty blue gray wedding color scheme theme

Dusty blue and gray/gold.


These Spring Crystal Drop Earrings are a great way to put together Spring colors and incorporate the perfect shade of blue.

spring wedding bridal earrings accessories jewelry


Dusty blue is one of the most popular wedding colors for Spring and Summer as well as colors with natural greenery and vines. The boho wedding (or hipster/farm wedding) is truly one of the most popular styles at the moment.

A great example of a dusty blue wedding look would be this beautiful updo and the Natural Boho Flower Hair Pins and Combs as well as a look with the hair down and the matching headband.

Dusty Blue Boho Hair Pins

An updo with pins.


Dusty Blue Wedding Hair Combs Pins

An updo with combs.


Dusty Blue Boho Wedding Headband

Hair down with dusty blue headband.


Depending on where you live, Spring can be a reliable time for the weather or a little unpredictable. Whether you decide to head outside or stay inside is a personal choice, but later in the Spring is probably best for the outdoors events. Whichever you choose, make sure to get some if those inspiring photos with the colors of the blooming flowers, emerging from their Winter slumber.


Colors for a Summer Wedding


Summer can be the perfect time for a wedding! The sun is shining and the skies are blue. The air is warm and welcoming to show a little skin with your dress. The flowers and trees are in full bloom. Generally everyone is in high spirits.


With all of this Summer energy, you need a bright blue summer color scheme. And of course, it doesn't have to be just shades of blue. You can take navy blue, teal or a light blue and add berry pink or yellow.


Here are some of the best color combinations for Summer:

  • Ocean blue and burdundy
  • Teal (or tiffany blue) and yellow
  • Dusty blue and dusty rose
  • Cobalt blue and peach
  • Royal blue and tiffany blue
  • Aqua and peach or orange
  • Azure blue and nude


berry pink and ocean blue wedding colors

Berry pink with ocean blues.


teal yellow color scheme theme wedding

Yellow with teal or tiffany blue.


One of the most popular types of weddings in the Summer is a beach wedding. The ocean can be one of the most picture-perfect backdrops you could come up with. With a beach or seaside theme, blue naturally comes into the color scheme. So you'll want all your accessories, decor and other details to align with these ocean blue colors.


Imagine the brides or bridesmaids walking down a sandy aisle in these barefoot sandals...

ocean blue tiffany blue pearl barefoot sandals anklet beach wedding

...carrying a beautiful beach themed bouquet down the aisle.


ocean beach blue wedding bouquet bridal flowers bridesmaid


And don't forget about the small details like decor and party favors.

These cute flip flop bottle openers are a great example for the reception table or a gift bag.

bottle opener flip flip party favor gifts


And for little beach flare and an easy DIY project, you could add these bottle cork twinkle lights to old bottles to put on the reception table, to line the aisle if you have sunset wedding or to put around the tables and dance floor for an elegant evening boogie.

lighting cork twinkle lights string beach decor LED

Bottle cork twinkle lights beach decor.


The choices for venues go far beyond the beach. A farm or garden make gorgeous landscapes as well, and all of these will make great settings for your bright colors and vibrant blues.


Needless to say, there are lots of options when it comes to a Summer wedding. You first want to explore your color schemes, then choose your venue and then start to choose clothing, accessories and decor. The details are very important, but, if one thing is certain, a Summer wedding will be a great time.


Colors for a Fall Wedding

When summer is subsiding and the temperatures start to fall just slightly, Fall is coming our way. When you think of this time of year, the colors of the changing leaves come to mind. Oranges, yellows, dark reds...these are some of the richest colors in your color palette. The blues are no different.


A few great examples for Fall Wedding colors include

  • Teal, orange and nude or cream
  • Plum, lilac and navy blue
  • Burgundy and navy blue
  • Navy blue and mauve
  • Navy blue, mustard yellow and cream
  • Royal blue and silver
These colors and this season create some of the most inspiring flower arrangements and decor of all of the seasons.


fall autumn teal orange wedding colors scheme theme

Teal and orange/yellow wedding color scheme.


plum lilac navy blue wedding colors scheme theme

Plum, lilac and navy blue wedding color scheme.


Navy blue and burgundy wedding color scheme.


One of the best ideas for a gift or as your own accessory for a Fall wedding is this Shimmering Garden Minaudiere. It's rich cobalt blue color and elegant vine design that reminds you of a garden or a vineyard is the essence of Autumn.

clutch purse minaudiere accessory gift wedding fall

Shimmering Garden Minaudiere.


These navy blue and gold wedding invitations are also a great choice for Fall and can easily complement most of the wedding color themes you may choose if you're going the sophisticated navy blue route.


Navy and gold invitation set.


Lastly, don't forget the temperatures are cooler in Fall. If you want to show off a cool trend in your wedding photos, consider leather as a fun way to spice up your look for the bride or bridal party.

bride leather jacket

Bride in a white leather jacket.


Bridal party bridesmaids leather jacket

Bridesmaids in black leather jackets.


Whichever colors, decor and Fall accessories you decide on, this season is a naturally beautiful time of year that will set the stage for a wedding to remember.


Colors for a Winter Wedding


The snow, the ice, the cold - many people steer away from having a Winter wedding. However, Winter can be incredibly romantic and picturesque. You could have a Winter wonderland wedding by a castle or the forest or a New Year's style wedding sparkling with lights, glitter and champagne.


Typically you would expect the dark blues to come out: navy blue cobalt, sapphire, deep blue...but there are some incredibly beautiful combinations for Winter with the lighter blues as well. Here are a few combinations we've seen and love.

  • Navy blue, white and gray
  • Tiffany blue and glittery silver
  • Navy blue, dusty blue, silver and gray
  • Dusty blue gray and silver
  • Midnight or deep blue and silver
  • Ocean blue, tiffany blue white and silver
  • Navy blue, burgundy and gray or gold
  • Deep blue or navy blue and gold
  • Ice blue, white and beige or brown
  • Ice blue, white and silver
  • Ocean blue, ice blue and white


Dusty blue, gray, silver and white wedding colors.


tiffany blue silver winter wedding colors scheme theme

Tiffany blue and silver wedding colors.


navy gray winter wedding colors scheme theme

Navy blue and gray wedding colors.


And of course, when you have great colors, you need the right decor and accessories to finish with the final touch of detail. Here are a few ideas for blue Winter accessories.


Nothing says Winter wedding like a navy fur wrap...

faux fur navy blue dark blue wrap bolero cover-up shawl winter wedding bride bridesmaid accessory


...or some satin gloves to keep the hands warm.

royal blue satin glove winter wedding bridal accessorywhite satin gloves winter wedding bridal accessory


And don't forget the groom and groomsmen. They need a little something, too. Here's a Frosty Forest Bowtie for the men.

blue winter bowtie men groom groomsmen wedding accessory tie

With a Winter wedding, you'll need accessories simply to stay warm. The details are everything, so choose well. 


A Personal Choice

For your wedding day colors, it's pretty simple. Choose the colors that speak to you. It can help to start with understanding what type of bride you want to be. After that, the season can and colors will come along naturally. If it's the time of year you're looking for, and you love the color blue as much as we do, you can make many different shades of blue work for every season.


Reach out to us if you need any help, and be sure to share your beautiful photos with us!


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