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If you are planning your wedding, I'm sure you want everything to be perfect! The dress, the décor, the flowers…everything has to be thought of in advance down to the smallest detail.


When it comes to the wedding flowers, many people find themselves deciding between fresh flowers and artificial flowers for their bouquets and other arrangements. There is more reasons to think about than just style and cost.


6 Reasons to Buy Artificial Wedding Flowers 


Here are the main reasons why artificial is your best choice:


1. Better for the Environment.

Have you ever been to a wedding decorated like the one below? Do you ever think about where they came from or what happens to them after the wedding? It's sad to say that most (if not all) of these flowers are thrown away. Once flowers are cut, they usually only live 5-7 days. There are 2.5 million weddings every year. Think about how many flowers that is.

Photo by BRUNO CERVERA  as he captures the loads of flowers at this wedding.


2. More Durable. 

When you are preparing all the pieces of your wedding, things can get hectic. You don’t want your flowers to get ruined in all the madness! Artificial flowers are durable and more likely to stand up against wear and tear not to mention the fact that come already fully bloomed. 


3. Last Longer. 

Before your wedding, it would be nice to have all the bouquets and arrangements ordered and inspected. With silk bouquets and arrangements, you don't have to worry about the flowers dying due to ordering them too early. They last forever! (rather than the 3-5 days for natural flowers)


Additionally, most brides want to keep their bouquets as a memory of their special day. Though there are many ways to preserve real flowers, it is difficult to keep them in great condition after they are dried out. A silk bouquet can last forever and in the same quality (since it is so easy to clean--more on that below).


4. Allergies to Flowers.

There are many people who are allergic to flowers. No one wants to deal with runny noses and watery eyes on their wedding day! Artificial flowers can be the way to go for those suffering with allergies.


5. Flower Seasonality.

You may want to have roses in your bridal bouquet...or tulips...or daisies…but unfortunately, not all of these flowers are in season year round. When you choose with artificial wedding flowers, you don’t have to worry about the flowers of your choice being in season. Just can choose whichever bouquet that appeals to you most!

Flowers broken down by season. You can't get them all year round.


6. Your Something Blue.

Everyone knows the old wedding tradition that bride has to incorporate something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue into her wedding attire. The color blue, specifically, is said to ward off the Evil Eye and is also a symbol of love, purity and fidelity. (See blog post about the meaning of the tradition.)

When thinking of something blue at your wedding, you can easily make it blue wedding flowers. It can be difficult to find real flowers that are blue which is why blue artificial flowers could be the way to go.  

Additionally, blue faux flowers can really standout at a wedding as you can find colors that you don't normally find in nature, such as bold, royal blue, soft baby blue, bright tiffany blue or deep navy. You can really create colorful accents with these hues.

Bouquets from the Something Blue Bridal Shop. Rich colors of silk flowers.


Blue artificial flowers can be used anywhere in your wedding ceremony or reception. You can use them as garlands, centerpieces, floor arrangements or as any other type of blue wedding decor. You will be guaranteed an elegant, fresh look that will last all day. You’ll never have to worry about these flowers turning brown, wilting or losing any petals.


And of course, blue bridal bouquets are a great way to incorporate the color blue into your wedding. Imagine the bride and her bridesmaids walking down the aisle, holding that perfect blue bouquets that are exactly the color and type of flower you dreamed of.


Photo by Elena Taranenko of a bride enjoying a rest next to her beautiful silk flower bouquet.

What You Should Know About Artificial Flowers

When choosing artificial flowers, you want to get high quality flowers that will look elegant when carried by the bride or bridesmaids. Silk flowers are probably the way to go. These are the most realistic looking of all artificial flowers and will give your wedding that perfect touch. Imagine how good your blue silk bouquet will look against the bride’s lovely wedding dress!

If you decide to go with silk flowers, note that while they are not as difficult to care for as real flowers, they do require a bit of maintenance. Keep them dust free and vibrant looking by applying one of these methods:

  • Blow warm air from a hair dryer on the flowers (set to the lowest setting)
  • Place the flowers in a plastic bag with salt, rice or cornmeal and gently shake them around
  • Wipe them down with a soft cloth dampened with a water and vinegar solution 

Real flowers are a lovely addition to any wedding, but they can be stressful to deal with and not always a great investment. Why not make things as stress free as possible by getting artificial flowers that can make for your bouquets and wedding decorations? Give yourself one less detail to worry about and feel good about it!


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