When a friend or family member gets engaged, the game is on. It’s time to hunt for engagement gifts shower gifts, come up with shower and bachelorette party ideas, find wedding gifts and decor…you name it. There’s so much planning when you’re involved in a wedding. And the details REALLY matter.

When my best friend got engaged, I felt as though I was as involved in everything as she was. It was important to me that she was happy and her entire experience was perfect. There was so much planning and so many obligations that we felt like we were juggling at times. With all the build up to these events, we both were hoping for a bit of luck to make sure everything would go smoothly. 

My friend believed in tradition, from the bouquets toss to the garden belt. So of course, we found something old, something new and something borrowed, but we were left trying to find something blue for the big day. We must have gone to 30 stores and browsed tons of websites on the internet in our search. It had to be perfect. It needed to be unique, beautiful and bring lots of luck. We eventually found a classy blue garter belt that was just want she wanted. It complemented her look and the colors of her wedding. It took weeks or our time to find it, but it was perfect.

This experience with my friend inspired me. There had to be an easier way to come up with ideas, find blue items, and buy them easily. For my own wedding, I knew that I didn't want to spend that much time on each detail. And so, Something Blue was born. 

Something Blue is a home for you to explore ideas that help you make the wedding day absolutely perfect…down to the details. We bring elegance, tradition, creativity and a dash of good luck to this wonderful time. If you're wondering how to incorporate Something Blue into your events, gifts or wedding attire,  explore the site to invigorate your creative juices. We’ve even taken things a step further to help you incorporate luck into all of your various wedding events. We want to help your experience be unforgettable and uniquely yours.